The UEFA Euro’s 2016 has kicked off with a bang, giving us a truly entertaining first week of football.

Throughout the roller coaster week we’ve had plenty highs and lows and fans everywhere are offering their uncompromising support. With the stakes high, the players are feeling the pressure to perform and bring home the cup. Amidst all the excitement, it’s easy to spend hours glued to the television. If you’re not in a football friendly household, you’re heading for trouble (nobody likes someone who hogs the TV remote!)

However, fear not, because here at the Holiday Inn Manchester City Centre we’re completely dedicated to your viewing pleasure! Stretch your legs and come along to the hotel, where we have multiple large screen TVs in our fantastic open lobby area. Grab a bite to eat from our all day dining menu or indulge in one of our tasty UEFA sharing boards whilst enjoying a drink from our well stocked bar (we have a great selection of local beers!) Bring as many friends as you like- we have plenty of room for everyone!

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